2017-18 USA South Men's Golf

Date Teams/Event Time Score Links
Sun. 3 at Transylvania Fall Inv. GC-2nd (14 Teams)
Tue. 5 at Lindsey Wilson College Fall Kickoff BER-9th (9 Teams) .
  at Achasta Kickoff Classic PC-2nd (3 Teams) .
Sun. 10 at Dick Park Inv. BER-8th (14 Teams) .
  at SAA Men's Conference Preview HC-3rd (8 Teams) .
Mon. 11 at Bridgewater Coll./Tom Kinder Memorial FC-3rd; MVC-6th; NC-2nd (17 Teams) .
  Ferrum, Maryville, N.C. Wesleyan
Tue. 12 at Johnson Univ. Fall Tournament WP-1st (3 Teams) .
  William Peace
Mon. 18 at Rhodes Fall Classic MVC-8th; PC-13th (17 Teams) .
  Maryville, Piedmont
Tue. 19 at Anderson Univ. Tournament BRE-4th (7 Teams) .
  at Shenandoah Univ. Inv. FC-5th (14 Teams) .
  at Queens Coll. Inv. PU-14th (16 Teams) .
Sat. 23 at Maryville vs. Hiwassee MVC-1st (2 Teams) .
Mon. 25 at N.C. Wesleyan Coll./Don Scalf Memorial AU-5th; NCW-1st (8 Teams) .
  Averett, N.C. Wesleyan
  at NCAA Tournament Fall Preview GC-11th; HC-t-2nd; LC-18th; MU-5th (18 Teams) .
  Greensboro, Huntingdon, LaGrange, Methodist
Tue. 26 at Tusculum College Inv. BRE-8th (11 Teams) .
  at King Univ. Inv. PU-9th (10 Teams) .
Sun. 1 at Wabash College Golf Classic BER-6th (7 Teams) .
Mon. 2 at The Gordin Classic GC-2nd; HC-t-3rd; MU-6th (12 Teams) .
  Greensboro, Huntingdon, Methodist
Tue. 3 at Piedmont College Inv. AU-5th; CC-12th; MU-3rd; NCW-6th; PC-1st; WP-13th (14 Teams) .
  Averett, Covenant, Methodist, N.C. Wesleyan, Piedmont, William Peace
  at Lenoir-Rhyne Myrtle Beach Inv. BRE-17th (18 Teams) .
Sun. 8 at Oglethorpe Univ./Royal Lakes Inv. FC-t-9th; GC-1st; LC-t-9th; MVC-t-7th; NCW-4th; PC-12th (18 Teams) .
  Ferrum, Greensboro, LaGrange, Maryville, N.C. Wesleyan, Piedmont
  at Stateline Shootout BER-7th (8 Teams) .
Tue. 10 at Randolph-Macon Coll./Ted Keller Memorial WPU-11th (12 Teams) .
  William Peace
  at Lenoir-Rhyne SE Super Regional Preview BRE-15th (17 Teams) .
Tue. 17 at VA State Golf Assoc. Intercollegiate AU-11th; FC-7th (18 Teams) .
  Averett, Ferrum
  at Golfweek D3 Inv. HC-2nd; LC-14th; MU-t-6th (18 Teams) .
  Huntingdon, LaGrange, Methodist
  at Bojangles Tennessee Intercollegiate MVC-5th (15 Teams) .
Tue. 24 at O'Briant-Jensen Memorial AU-16th; GC-6th; HC-3rd; MU-1st; PU-t-14th; PC-9th .
  Averett, Greensboro, Huntingdon, Methodist, Pfeiffer, Piedmont
  at Berry Coll./Chick-fil-A Inv. CC-12th; LC-4th; NCW-2nd (13 Teams) .
  Covenant, LaGrange, N.C. Wesleyan
  at St. Andrews Univ. Fall Inv. WPU-6th (7 Teams)
  William Peace
Tue. 31 at Alice Lloyd College Inv. CC-2nd (4 Teams) .
  at Maryville College Fall Inv. BER-5th; MVC-1st (6 Teams) .
  Berea, Maryville
Tue. 13 at Coastal Georgia Winter Inv. CC-16th (21 Teams) .
Tue. 20 at Newberry College Inv. NC-t11th (19 Teams) .
  N.C. Wesleyan
Tue. 27 at The Master's University Spring Inv. CC-10th (10 Teams) .
  at Mars Hill Inv. PU-2nd (6 Teams) .
  at Sandhills C.C. Inv. WP-6th (6 Teams) .
  William Peace
  at Univ. of Cumberland Inv. BER-No Score (6 Teams) .
Tue. 6 at Catawba Coll./Richard Rendleman Inv. AU-7th; BRE-10th; PU-8th; WP-13th (13 Teams) .
  Averett, Brevard, Pfeiffer, William Peace
  at Callaway Gardens Intercollegiate CC-15th; HC-5th; LC-3rd; MVC-t-11th; MU-2nd; PC-16th (18 Teams)
  Covenant, Huntingdon, LaGrange, Maryville, Methodist, Piedmont
Mon. 12 at Wingate Univ. Inv. BRE-7th; PU-9th (12 Teams) .
  Brevard, Pfeiffer
Tue. 13 at Barton College Intercollegiate NC-5th; AU-7th; WPU-10th (10 Teams) .
  Averett, N.C. Wesleyan, William Peace
  at TaylorMade Intercollegiate GC-1st (14 Teams) .
Sun. 18 at Jekyll Island Collegiate FC-t-22nd; GC-t-10th; HC-3rd; LC-19th; MU-1st; PC-t-27th (30 Teams) .
  Ferrum, Greensboro, Huntingdon, LaGrange, Methodist, Piedmont
  at Mary Washington Inv. NC-4th (13 Teams) .
  N.C. Wesleyan
Tue. 20 at Tennessee Tech Inv. MVC-13th (14 Teams) .
Sun. 25 at Camp Lejeune Intercollegiate (Gold) AU-t-14th; MU-1st; NC-t-2nd; PU-11th (15 Teams) .
  Averett, Methodist, N.C. Wesleyan, Pfeiffer
  at Camp Lejeune Intercollegiate (Scarlet) WP-13th (15 Teams) .
  William Peace
Tue. 27 at West Cup FC-7th (17 Teams) .
  at Huntingdon Coll. Wynlakes Intercollegiate CC-16th; GC-7th; HC-2nd; LC-6th; MVC-10th; PC-11th (16 Teams) .
  Covenant, Greensboro, Huntingdon, LaGrange, Maryville, Piedmont
Sun. 1 at Alice Lloyd Spring Inv. BER-No Score (5 Teams) .
  at Hershey Cup PC-t-8th (15 Teams) .
Tue. 3 at Lynchburg Inv. AU-5th; MU-2nd; NC-1st; PU-3rd (12 Teams) .
  Averett, Methodist, N.C. Wesleyan, Pfeiffer
Wed. 4 at Lincoln Memorial Tournament BRE-9th (16 Teams) .
Sat. 7 at Guilford DIII Match Play Inv. Match Play .
  Greensboro, Piedmont
Sun. 8 at Emory Univ. Spring Inv. BRE-12th; FC-7th; HC-2nd; LC-6th; MVC-13th; MU-4th (15 Teams) .
  Brevard, Ferrum, Huntingdon, LaGrange, Maryville, Methodist
Sat. 14 at USA South Championship (LaGrange, GA) AU-9th; FC-7th; GC-6th; HC-3rd; LC-4th; MVC-5th; MU-2nd; NC-1st; PC-8th (9 Teams) .
  Averett, Ferrum, Greensboro, Huntingdon, LaGrange, Maryville, Methodist, N.C. Wesleyan, Piedmont
Fri. 18 at NCAA Championship (Greensboro, NC) GC-14th; HC-t-11th; MU-1st; NCWC-Missed Cut (42 Teams) .
  Greensboro, Huntingdon, Methodist, N.C. Wesleyan